Switched On: On Country, On Campus, On Line

The ‘Switched On’ Indigenous STEM Program is an initiative from the University of New England which will embed Indigenous cultural and technological traditions into mathematics education. It is grounded in the notion that mathematics serves as a language for other STEM disciplines (Schmidt & Houang, 2007).

The project will use a staged developmental approach to research, design and pilot a program that provides opportunities for Indigenous years 7-9 high school students to engage positively with mathematics, by using Indigenous cultural and technological traditions as a means to explore mathematical concepts.

The program will:

  1. engage local high schools
  2. design an on-campus university experience and on-Country experience
  3. create online resources to provide ongoing engagement and support.

Intersecting circles representing the On-Country, On-Line and On-Campus program elements

The program is supported by the Oorala Aboriginal Centre, the School of Environmental and Rural Science and the School of Education STEM Network, with funds provided by the Excellence & Equity in Maths Higher Education project.


Schmidt, W. H., & Houang, R. T. (2007). Lack of focus in the mathematics curriculum: A symptom or a cause? In T. Loveless (Ed.), Lessons learned: What international assessments tell us about math achievement (pp. 65-84). Washington: Brookings Institution Press.

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