Geting Indigenous kids into science

STEM the Gap

Indigenous Australians are vastly underrepresented in Australia’s scientific and research community. This is a significant issue from both an Indigenous perspective, as well as for the development of Australian science.
Scientific, technology and engineering professions are well recognised their ability to provide rewarding careers, have positive impact on the broader society, and as a stepping stone in realising people to higher social-economic levels

The January 2015 edition of Australian Quarterly magazine examines the relationship between Australia and its Indigenous population, with articles focusing on Science.

Getting Indigenous kids into science

Getting Indigenous kids into scienceA range of programs around the country is slowly gaining momentum to encourage Indigenous students to consider a career in the sciences. But what are the obstacles, and are we doing enough to stop these kids from falling through the gaps?

Dr Colin Scholes, University of Melbourne

Science belongs to us mob too

Stem the gapAustralia has a rich Indigenous scientific and engineering heritage that has been largely ignored and neglected. From understanding the tides to highly involved aquaculture engineering, ancient Indigenous cultures were this country’s first scientists. Why then is science now considered ‘whitefeller’ business, depriving our research landscape of important Indigenous voices?

Associate Professor Rowena Ball, Australian National University


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