STEM connections @ UTAS

Through funds provided by the Excellence & Equity in Maths Higher Education project, The University of Tasmania will provide an on campus experience to Aboriginal students in years 9-11, to identify the connections between their cultural heritage and STEM subjects.

The program will aim to establish stronger senses of Identity, Connection, Pride and Empowerment for students, through STEM themes of ‘Renewable Energies’, ‘Sustainable Design’, and ‘Innovative Thinking’. These themes will be explored through hands-on activities which will include:

  • Power Generation and Wind Turbines
  • 3D Printing
  • Microscopes and Water Purification
  • Soldering and Electronics
  • Mechanical Art Bots
  • Atmospheric Physics.

The objectives of this proposal are to:

  1. identify and support Indigenous secondary students to raise aspirations, confidence and interest in coming to university,
  2. form linkages with relevant organisations to deliver STEM Pathways to Indigenous students in Tasmania, and
  3. ‘connect’ Aboriginal ways of doing things with STEM topics.  For example, how the application of Aboriginal fire strategies fits into the themes of renewable energy and sustainable design.

The project will commence in August/September 2016 and will be completed by October 2017.


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