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Oxford maths scholarship

Scholarship recipients Jared and Aurora

Scholarship winners Jared and Aurora

This month the Charlie Perkins Scholarships Trust honoured the recipients of the 2015 award at a ceremony hosted by the British High Commissioner in Canberra.

This year’s recipients are Jared Field (University of Sydney), Aurora Milroy (University of Western Australia), and Kristopher Wilson (Flinders University and University of New South Wales).

During the ceremony Jared shared his experience of creating a pathway to university and of the challenges he overcame along the way.

“When I was in year 10, I was given the option of moving up to the advanced maths class. I was told however by my then current teacher that I would struggle. The same old story — Aborigines, of course, excel at sport not mathematics. I’m sure every Indigenous person in this room has a similar such story. And yet now I’m going to Oxford to do my doctorate in mathematics and biology.

“To have seen other people like me absolutely excelling at academia would have made me just that little more confident and that little more sure that I could do it too. I hope that, if there are any other students out there now who are in a similar situation, my getting this scholarship to study mathematics similarly makes them more certain of themselves and their abilities.”

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