Day of STEM

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance (ATSIMA) recently launched a new partnership with Day of STEM, a national initiative designed to inspire the next generation of Australian STEM professionals via an interactive online platform.

Head and shoulders photo of Dr Chris Matthews from ATSIMA

Dr Chris Matthews, ATSIMA

The first part of Day of STEM kicks off during Term 3 with the STEM Cup, a sports analytics and maths and data science focused challenge, where students use statistics, maths and problem solving skills to draft the ultimate football team while staying below the AFL salary cap.

The Chairperson and Director of ATSIMA, Dr. Chris Matthews, commented, “ATSIMA is keen to engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in STEM programs that provide line of sight to real-world careers. We’re activating our networks to engage as many students as possible from our communities. The STEM Cup will capture the interest of some Indigenous students showing the maths behind sports but I am also particularly interested in seeing how Indigenous students interact across the whole STEM experience.”

For more information and to register for the Stem Cup, visit the Day of Stem website >>


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