XE Presentation @ATSIMA16

Evidence, Practice and Reform: Presentation of Excellence and Equity Findings by XE Project Team, Wollongong, 1 November 2016

ATSIMA Workshop Abstract

This ground-breaking project will increase the number of our people with the capability and aspirations to undertake tertiary study in disciplines underpinned by Mathematics. Professor Peter Buckskin, [xe] Project Director
Across the world, STEM is of significant importance in education and the economy in ways that few other disciplines are. Being capable in STEM is now seen as key to productivity, technological adaptation and research-based innovation.
STEM disciplines have received significant attention in recent years, but there is scant research about STEM policy, participation, programs and practice. Even less is known about the engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in STEM disciplines.
This workshop will present findings to date of the national initiative, Excellence and Equity in Mathematics [xe] that aims to foster mathematics excellence and equity in schooling outcomes and higher education participation for Indigenous students, including:
  • Evidence and data on trends about participation and completion of Indigenous higher education students in Mathematics and STEM
  • What the evidence says about common urban myths about Indigenous peoples’ engagement in STEM
  • Case studies of effective strategies supporting aspirations to STEM studies – secondary school student aspirations, pathways from school to university and recognition of Indigenous knowledges in STEM curriculum and pedagogy
  • Implications for policy and practice, including preliminary recommendations emerging from the [xe] project and other higher education reforms.

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