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ASSETS Adelaide students Lladyssa and Shontae working at the University of Adelaide

It is the combination of science and culture that makes the ASSETS experience: three nine-day programs in Newcastle, Townsville and Adelaide hosting a total of 98 students in the Aboriginal Summer School for Excellence in Technology and Science (ASSETS).

Held in the months of December and January, students have the opportunity to connect with their culture while exploring the links between traditional knowledges and western science.

In the Adelaide program the team looked at blood pressure in different situations:

“After testing blood pressure and looking into what can impact on your blood pressure and heart rate with our Food and Nutrition team in Adelaide, some groups chose to develop inquiry projects around this topic. The groups took quite different approaches, one group got people to meditate to see if this reduced their blood pressure while the other group showed their participants a video with a scary twist to see how this affected their heart rate.”

Read the CSIRO blog >> 

Applications to attend ASSETS 2016/2017 will open in June 2016. Visit the website for more details.

ASSETS is part of a wider Indigenous STEM Education Project managed by CSIRO and funded by BHP Billiton Foundation.

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