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An article in Times Higher Education argues that the recent increase in Indigenous university enrolments should not obscure the need for  “culturally appropriate and continuous support” to improve low completion rates.

Recent federal government figures showed that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander enrolments grew 7.6 per cent in the first half of 2015.

Yet there remain calls for universities and the government to address low graduation rates among Indigenous students.

A 2015 paper for the Australian Council for Educational Research found that among students who began courses in 2005, completion rates were 47 per cent for Indigenous students against 74 per cent for non-Indigenous students.

Nina Burridge, associate professor in the teacher education programme at the University of Technology Sydney and a researcher on Indigenous education, highlighted the completion rates problem.

Dr Burridge said: “What must follow is adequate and culturally appropriate and continuous support so that [Indigenous] students complete their degrees and gain employment.”Times_Higher_Education_logo

Read the full article in Times Higher Education


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